Picset 1Picset 1


Second Open Trophy Competition

JUDGE:- David GrahamDate:- 20/04/2022
Posn Title and Author Score
1STICK AND INSECT  by   John Riddy20
2GREEN TURTLE  by   Rosemary Gooch 19
      =ANOLE LIZARD  by   Rosemary Gooch19
4BARBERSHOP BLIZZARD  by   Frank Hobbs18
      =CAUGHT NAPPING  by   Wendy Beasley18
      =SHOP WINDOW CLONES  by   Peter Edge18
      =A BRIDGE TO NOWHERE  by   John Riddy18
      =WEATHERED REMAINS  by   Stephen Frampton18
9MAGPIE MINE  by   John Riddy17
      =RAIN ON TH EDGE  by   Frank Hobbs17
      =RAIN CLOSING IN  by   Stephen Frampton17
      =GRAND DESIGN  by   Mark Eden17
      =STORM OVER STOCKPORT  by   Wendy Beasley17
      =BEACH BABE  by   Peter Edge17
      =JURASSIC VIPERS  by   Glyn Bass17
      =CHARLIE-GEORGE  by   Taryna Herbert17
      =BUCK AND MAGPIE  by   Stephen Frampton17
      =BARBADOS  by   Rosemary Gooch copy17
      =GOOD MORNING SNSHINE  by   Glyn Bass17
      =ISLE OF HARRIS  by   Rosemary Gooch17
      =HE'S GOT ONE  by   Wendy Beasley17
      =BRASSINGTON LYNCHETS  by   Frank Hobbs17
      =ANENOME CHORUS LINE  by   Glyn Bass17
24TENBY GLOW  by   Mark Eden16
      =SETTING SHADOWS  by   Mark Eden16
      =WALL FLOWERS  by   Frank Hobbs16
      =AFTER SHEARING  by   Peter Edge16
      =TENBY PANO  by   Mark Eden16
      =HEN GROUSE  by   Wendy Beasley16
      =AFTER THE APRIL SHOWER  by   Glyn Bass16
      =SUNRISE, FUNCHAL  by   Stephen Frampton16
32REFLECTIVE BARGES  by   Taryna Herbert15