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People Including Portrait

JUDGE:- Steve GillDate:- 24/11/2021
Posn Title and Author Score
1HELLO SAILOR  by   Bev Wareing20
2JOHN  by   Stephen Frampton19
      =KEEPING A WEATHER EYE  by   John Riddy19
4FRANCESCA  by   Stephen Frampton18
      =THE LOOK  by   John Riddy18
      =DEEP IN THOUGHT  by   Jackie Sellers18
7ON THE BUS  by   Peter Edge17
      =HEAD HOPPING  by   Mark Eden17
      =PEEK-A-BOO  by   Lisa Travers17
10BECCA  by   Peter Edge16
      =RESOLUTE YOUNG MAN  by   Rob Sample16
      =GOT TO GET THIS SHOT  by   Rosemary Gooch16
      =BUTTER WOULDN'T MELT  by   Jackie Sellers16
14MUM  by   Mark Eden15
      =SAX IN THE PARK  by   Rob Sample15
      =AUTUMN WALKS  by   Lisa Travers15
      =MY BIG DAY  by   Jackie Sellers15
18JOGGERS IN MOTION  by   Rob Sample14
      =WORKING ON THE QUIRAING  by   Rosemary Gooch14
20WORKING AND WATCHING  by   Rosemary Gooch13
      =FLOWER LADY  by   Peter Edge13
      =CRABBING  by   Wendy Beasley13
23RESTORATION TEAM  by   Stephen Frampton12
      =CONCENTRATION  by   Mark Eden12
      =JUST THE THREE OF US  by   Wendy Beasley12
26WILL SHE, WON'T SHE!  by   Wendy Beasley10