Picset 1Picset 1


Macro 2021

JUDGE:- Steve MyallDate:- 28/04/2021
Posn Title and Author Score
1BROWN MARMORATED STINK BUG  by   Rosemary Gooch20
2SUNFLOWERS  by   Taryna Herbert19
      =JUMPING SPIDER  by   Rosemary Gooch19
4WORMCAST  by   Wendy Beasley18
      =GARLIC  by   Bev Wareing18
6OWL  by   Wendy Beasley17
      =TULIPS  by   John Heppell17
8ORCHID  by   John Riddy16
      =SNAKE'S HEAD FRITILLARY  by   Bev Wareing16
      =COMMON TOADS  by   Rosemary Gooch16
      =SPRING BUDS  by   Barry Thomas16
12CANTHARUS SHELL  by   Frank Hobbs15
      =EMERGING BLUEBELLS  by   Peter Edge15
      =THE HEART OF AN ORCHID  by   Frank Hobbs15
      =PHYSALIS  by   Bev Wareing15
      =DAHLIA  by   John Heppell15
      =TEASEL  by   Taryna Herbert15
      =POPPY HEAD  by   Barry Thomas15
      =THREE DROPLETS ON A FEATHER  by   Rosemary L-B15
      =WHITE ERMINE MOTH  by   John Heppell15
      =EMERGING POPPY  by   Taryna Herbert15
22SHIELD BUG  by   Lisa Travers14
      =DANDELION CLOCK  by   Jackie Sellers14
      =DELILAH LOVES FLIES  by   Glyn Bass14
      =FEMALE ORANGE TIP  by   Lisa Travers14
      =SPIDER ON ANEMONE  by   Frank Hobbs14
27RAINDROP  by   Lisa Travers13
      =SPEEDWELL  by   Wendy Beasley13
      =A BIG JOB  by   Jackie Sellers13
30SPEED OR SALT  by   Glyn Bass12
      =CAMILLIA IN WATER DROPLET  by   Rosemary L-B12
      =OIL ON WATER  by   Rosemary L-B12
33APPLETREE LICHEN  by   Glyn Bass11
      =CLOSE UP CAULI  by   Jackie Sellers11