Picset 1Picset 1


Open Mono 2021

JUDGE:- Mike SharplesDate:- 24/03/2021
Posn Title and Author Score
1GRAND MOSQUE ABU DHABI  by   Bev Wareing20
2GARLIC AND HERBS  by   Jackie Sellers19
3SUNFLOWER  by   Rosemary Gooch18
4LILY  by   John Heppell17
      =FEATHER  by   Taryna Herbert17
      =SEED HEAD OF ROSEBAY WILLOWHERB  by   Frank Hobbs17
7CROCUS  by   Rosemary Gooch16
      =ROMANESCO BEAUTY  by   Jackie Sellers16
9AT THE LOCK  by   Jackie Sellers15
      =COSMOS  by   Barry Thomas15
      =ZOE  by   Barry Thomas15
      =ROCKS ON THE BEACH  by   Glyn Bass15
      =ACES HIGH  by   Lisa Travers15
      =SHADOW AND LIGHT  by   John Riddy15
      =TIMOTHY  by   Bev Wareing15
      =FROSTED ROSE  by   Taryna Herbert15
      =NATURE IN CHAINS  by   John Heppell15
      =TENACITY  by   Frank Hobbs15
      =FERRY TRAILS - ULLSWATER  by   Frank Hobbs15
      =SHEEP'S SKULL  by   Peter Edge15
      =DRYING THE DHOTI  by   Bev Wareing15
22CROW  by   Wendy Beasley14
      =SMUGGLERS TUNNEL  by   Glyn Bass14
      =BLUE HOUR GOOSE  by   Wendy Beasley14
      =CITROEN U23 IN HABITAT  by   Peter Edge14
      =RETURNING TO NATURE  by   Peter Edge14
      =CLIMBERS HEAVEN  by   Mark Eden14
      =THE GHERKIN  by   Bob Revie14
      =UNDERNEATH THE ARCHES  by   Mark Eden14
      =HERON CHICK  by   Rosemary Gooch14
      =CAUGHT IT!  by   John Heppell14
      =NOTTINGHAM LIGHT TRAILS  by   Bob Revie14
      =DO NOT FORGET  by   Bob Revie14
      =ZOE, BETWEEN POSES  by   Barry Thomas14
      =CUBES  by   Lisa Travers14
      =FADING GLORY  by   Glyn Bass14
      =KIMMIE  by   Lisa Travers14
      =BAMFORD EDGE  by   Hugh Stevenson14
      =NEW BORN  by   Wendy Beasley14
      =THE OLD HARBOUR MASTER'S COTTAGE  by   Hugh Stevenson14