Picset 2Picset 2


Date:- 29/01/2020

Posn Title and Author Score
1STRONGER TOGETHER  by   John Heppell20
2FANCY A SWIM  by   John Heppell19
      =SEA TURTLE  by   Rosemary Gooch19
4THE CROSSING  by   Lisa Travers18
5FLYING BY  by   Rosemary Gooch17
      =THE PIECE HALL, HALIFAX  by   John Heppell17
      =WE HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO TIE THIS THING  by   Barry Thomas17
8LIBURN TOWER  by   Lisa Travers16
      =THAMES BRIDGE AT CHERTSEY  by   Jackie Sellers16
      =WINTER LIGHT  by   Frank Hobbs16
11FEEDING TIME ON THE THAMES  by   Jackie Sellers15
      =FRAMED  by   Lisa Travers15
      =GREEN MONKEY  by   Rosemary Gooch15
      =MORNING SWEEPER  by   Frank Hobbs15
      =PLATES  by   Wendy Beasley15
      =ROACHES TRIG POINT  by   Jackie Sellers15
17BOTTLE KILN  by   Wendy Beasley14
      =CLAY  by   Wendy Beasley14
      =REBECCA  by   Hugh Stevenson14
      =WALKING TO ST PAULS  by   Barry Thomas14
21CONCENTRATION  by   Hugh Stevenson13
      =FLYING HIGH  by   Hugh Stevenson13