Wildlife/Nature Competition Evening

First Placed ‘Hoverfly’ by John Heppell

Wednesday 22nd April saw our second online competiton evening thanks to Zoom video-conferencing. Despite an early evening glitch we managed to get everybody back in the meeting and carried on regardless! The evening went well and with a huge crop of 48 entries we are indebted to our judge for the evening, Peter Jones of wildwatchtours.co.uk who did a sterling job and even mastered the dark arts of  Zoom for the first time. Thank you Peter!

Elephant Brothers – 2nd Place for Frank Hobbs

Congratulations to John Heppell for his first place with ‘Hoverfly’, well done to Frank with second placed ‘Elephant Brother’ and Rosemary for her third placed ‘Hermit Crab’ – we had quite a few other 19 and 18 pointers which shows the standard of the images submitted so a big well done to everyone on the list!

Please browse through the gallery below to see all the entries and click here for the full results list.



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