Getting to Know Your Camera ( ISO, Aperture and Shutterspeed )

Click on the links below to watch the videos –

what is iso ?

what is aperture ?

and finally what is shutter speed ?

With this and the filter I recommended in sept you to can take photo’s like this , by setting  iso 100 , aperture to f 7.1 ,the  shutterspeed to 30 seconds , focal length to 18mm and finally adjusting the filter to your requirements ( darkening or lightening depending on the light condition your in ). Then when you get home to see what you’ve got, I edit in lightroom  to reduce the blown out lights and bring up the burnt out shadows . Good luck and just play as that the best way to get to know your camera as they all have there different sweet spots ,  its only card memory an battery life that is getting used up not film being developed.aston light

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