Sally Hodgson – Next Guest Speaker

Our next guest speaker on Wednesday 4th December will be the fascinating Sally Hodgson with her talk ‘How I Became a Dry Stone Waller’.

Sally started her dry stone walling business in 1989. She holds the Dry Stone Walling Association’s (DSWA) Master Craftsman Certificate and is also a qualified training instructor, examiner, judge and assessor.

She has a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector, having begun teaching in 1991.

She grew up on the family farm, which is how she became an experienced waller. She began her career doing gapping work and complete rebuilds, believing this is how all wallers should start their career.

This will be a really interesting evening as Sally tells us of her journey and what took her into dry stone walling.

Start time 8pm with a break for refreshments at around 9pm and finish at 10pm. Everyone welcome, members free and guests just £3 on the door.

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