Resizing a Landscape Photo

How to resize a portrait photo for submission to a  club projected image competition;

How to resize a portrait photo for submission to a  club projected image competition;  these competitions are for fully paid up members only.

DSC01908Open the image required for resizing in Adobe Photoshop



DSC01909Select  IMAGE from the top bar and then high light RESIZE and click on image size.


DSC01911Highlight and choose pixel (as shown in the photo) and make sure that your choice boxes are ticked (as the same as the photo on the left).


DSC01912On landscape photo the maximum WIDTH is 1400 pixels, so type 1400 in the box  as shown  (don’t worry about the HEIGHT, leave it alone as this will be sorted later on with the canvas) then click OK.


DSC01913Don’t panic if this happens… it should!



DSC01914Now choose from the top bar again image , resize and this time CANVAS SIZE.


Now it’s time to set the HEIGHT with the canvas size (as the maximum WIDTH has already been set). Highlight and select pixels (as shown).



DSC01916Type in the height box 1050 ( this will set the maximum HEIGHT, and DO NOT TYPE in anything on the WIDTH box as this should be 1400 as previously set earlier) . At the bottom of the box there is a select  ” canvas colour ” make sure it is black , then click on the OK .


DSC01918The image is now resized 1050 pixels ( max height ) and 1400 pixels ( max width ) , the black bands at the side are screen fillers for when it’s projected… now save it  (it’s best to set up a new folder called “club comp photo” you do not want to re-save over your original photo).

DSC01919Rename your photo as shown, your ”TITLE” (upper case ) and your  “name” ( like this with the title –  THE BIG PICTURE by Alan Griffiths ) your first name and surname must be  in cap lock and the rest in lower case.

DSC01920Right we are nearly finished… make sure the options are the same as in the  box on the left and click OK.  Now all you’ve got to do is send it in to the competition email address and good luck !




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