Michael Leach – Next Guest Speaker

It’s a Funny Way to Make a Living.

Wednesday 3rd March – 7.30pm start on Zoom.

Dr. Michael Leach is a full time wildlife author and photographer.

He has travelled to all 7 continents and worked with many of the world’s most charismatic animals – polar bears in the Arctic, gorillas in central Africa, lemurs in Madagascar, sperm whales in the mid-Atlantic, monkeys in the Amazon, penguins in the Antarctic and elephants in Kenya.

He is the author of 36 books and has given more than 4000 illustrated talks.

In this talk Michael explains the basics of his art in this revealing, humorous introduction to the realities of professional wildlife filming.

This is most definitely NOT a technical talk, Michael explains how to coax animals into the right spot and convince them that no-one is watching. He uncovers cunning, underhand tricks-of-the-trade that produce amazing photographs.

Be prepared to have some illusions shattered!

This presentation will take place over Zoom. Guests welcome £3 entry – please email for entry instructions and how to pay.

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