Image of The Year 2020

Interaction by Peter Edge

First Placed PDI – Interaction by Peter Edge

Our final competition of the year as always was our Image of The Year. Despite difficult

times we decided to continue with this contest via Zoom. Grateful thanks to Sue Hartley for her comments and critique as ‘virtual’ judge for the evening.

All 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed images (all with 18, 19 & 20 points) from all the year’s competitions were eligible for this competition and we had a great selection of

Yes Chef by Jackie Sellers

First Placed Print – Yes Chef by Jackie Sellers

images in both sections with 35 PDIs and 20 prints (judged as PDIs due to these unprecidented times). Hopefully we will have an exhibition evening with all the actual prints from this competition sometime in the autumn to give all members the opportunity to view the prints for themselves.

Congratulations to Peter Edge for his winning PDI ‘Interaction’ and to Jackie Sellers for her virtual print “Yes Chef” which also achieved top marks.

You can see the full PDI results by clicking here, and the full print results by clicking here.

Browse through all the entries in the gallery below:

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